Advantages of Massage Therapy

A massage therapy is actually a treatment approach that is growing in popularity and demand. It was once known as a fringe or alternative approach but is now becoming a mainstream. Now that the massage therapy is considered as a mainstream treatment choice, a lot of insurance companies give coverage for treatment procedures. This type of therapy includes hands-on techniques to boost circulation, reduce stress, relieve tension, improve sleep as well as promote relaxation throughout the whole body, and a lot more health advantages.  

The soft tissue areas of the body include connective tissues, tendons, muscles, etc. If somebody is tense and needs release of it, or someone has extensive nerve tissue and/or muscle damage which plagues their bodies, massage treatment may be all worth exploring. The following are some of the few health benefits brought about by massage treatment with the help of an in-home/hotel massage in Orlando: 

  1. It Decreases Stress

Not only can a massage treatment help with the relief of stress, but also an ordinary massage session over a prolonged time can increase energy levels, stimulate people on emotional and physical levels and reduce pain. 

  1. It is Relaxing

When your body is under stress and tense, it creates unhealthy levels of stress hormone called the cortisol that can contribute to sleeplessness, headaches, digestive problems and weight gain. As a matter of fact, a massage session is believed to reduce levels of cortisol in the body. It enables your body to enter recovery mode. In addition to that, this type of treatment feelings of improved mood, reduced stress levels and relaxation. 

  1. It Helps Promote Muscle Relaxation

The main purpose of a massage treatment session is to aim the source of pain through eliminating tense muscles, which can give relaxation to the damaged muscles and your body, as well as increasing flexibility. Furthermore, a massage therapy also helps promote circulation to an injured or damaged muscles or areas of the body that increases oxygen as well as nutrients to the affected tissues. That is the reason why this increased activities to the damaged portions of the body decreases edema or swelling and stiffness in the joints and muscles, and also, promotes flexibility in order to help decrease the pain. Also, this type of treatment releases a hormone called endorphins that boost serotonin and dopamine levels in your system. These hormones help your body in a lot of ways – emotionally and physically. Aside from that, they also promote healing, feelings of euphoria, pain management and help to calm your tensed nerves. 

  1. It Can Help Decrease Blood Pressure

 A regular massage treatment session has been found to lower blood pressure levels. Several long-term research studies have shown that consistent massage programs can definitely decrease both the systolic and diastolic blood pressure, also, it can lower levels of cortisol within your body. Consistent and regular massage treatment sessions can basically decrease trigger sources for depression, hostility, anxiety and tension. In turn, lower levels of blood pressure can decrease the risk of kidney failure, heart attack and/or stroke.  


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